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At Chiltern Campers our goal is to make your trip as sustainable as possible. Holidaying in a campervan is already a great alternative to flying abroad for families and couples conscious of their carbon footprint. We want to make this kind of holiday more accessible for everyone but also sustainable so future generations can continue to enjoy the beautiful British countryside. 

Every business choice we make is with the environment in mind. Below you'll find just some of the ways we reduce our impact on the environment.

Carbon off-setting

We off-set the carbon emissions for each of our campervan hires so that they have zero carbon impact. We do this by calculating carbon output based on milage and then off-setting those emissions through a tree planting scheme.

Paperless business

We aim to print and waste as little paper as possible. Apart from the very important documents which need to be signed we will not use any paper which isn't absolutely necessary and when we have to we will laminate it so it can be reused over and over, minimising waste.

Eco-friendly products

Our campers are stocked with high quality essentials and wherever possible we will use locally sourced and eco-friendly products for your use in the van, such as sustainable, fair-trade sugar and wine which is made less than 5 miles from our home

These are just some of the things we do to limit our impact on the environment. You can help us help the planet by taking the train to our location, driving carefully and slowly and choosing to camp in environmentally conscious campsites.

To get started on what is quite likely to be the most eco-friendly holiday you ever go on click below!

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